Are you Stressed Out?

Ever experience pain in your foot that starts as a dull achy discomfort and then becomes a sharper, constant pain? If this occurs you may have a stress fracture also referred to as a hairline fracture. Stress fractures occur with repetitive force, high impact activity, or sudden increase inactivity. Systemically, bones can become weakened with conditions such as osteoporosis, osteopenia, or a decrease in Vitamin D. Stress fractures are more common in the winter months, when the Vitamin D levels are low.

Symptoms of a stress fracture:
– Pain that gets better with rest
– Localized tenderness to touch over the bone
– Swelling or bruising at the site of the fracture (top of foot or sides of the ankle)

A typical treatment course for stress fractures includes refraining from any high impact physical activity for approximately 6 weeks and immobilization in a CAM Boot or surgical shoe. After 6 weeks, once the bone is healed a supportive orthotic will help to disperse some of the force from these high impact activities. Returning to activity too quickly can lead to delayed healing or displacement of the fractured bone which may require complete non-weight bearing or even surgical fixation.

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