Curb Your Orthotics

You may be a fan of the HBO comedy show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, starring Larry David. If you’ve been lucky enough to follow the show throughout the years, then you may have seen the episode with Larry being heard throughout Los Angeles in his squeaky orthotics. It was a great episode because it was a familiar topic, but then it made me think of the many misconceptions that come with custom molded orthotics. I would like to step in and correct some misunderstandings surrounding custom-molded orthotics.

Orthotics are for Seniors – Orthotics have the bad stigma that they are for older adults; however, they are great for younger individuals and prevent problems you may have to deal with later in life. How do you think Chris Paul or Lebron James have had such a lengthy career? Orthotics.

Orthotics are hard, and will hurt your feet – We do not live in the 1900s anymore! Medicine has advanced rapidly and so have orthotics. While they are firm enough to support your feet, we have been able make them on a spectrum of soft to firm. However, there is a break in period for some brand-new orthotics, so don’t run in that Thanksgiving 5k the first day you have them in.

Off-The-Shelf Orthotics are as good as Custom-Molded Orthotics – You may be trying to save some money while buying off-the-shelf orthotics but you’re not saving your feet. Gel heel cups or memory foam insoles may give you quick relief, but they are not made for your foot.

Orthotics are only for foot problems- Orthotics are great for foot problems, but they also promote correct alignment from your ankles to your knees and back. Are you having chronic shin splints from running? Orthotics will help with that.

I’m done trying to give orthotics a positive PR bump. I think Larry David may have been better at it, so I will leave this here for you to watch:

Clifton Ringwood