Did Aaron Rodgers bone finally heal?

As a follow up to the last blog, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ seemed to be quite fine as he and the Packers defeated the Minnesota Vikings. After the game Rodgers commented that he had no issues with the toe for the first time since the injury. This may mean that his fractured toe has completely healed. But what if it had not completely healed?

What happens when a fracture does not completely heal? Medically it is called a ‘non union’ which means a stop in the bone healing process. This can be caused by a myriad of reasons including infection, smoking, inadequate stabilization, or poor blood supply. There a different classifications of non unions depending on the reason. X-rays and CT can distinguish if a non union is present and what type it would be.

Treatment of non union includes both nonoperative and operative treatment. Bone stimulators are used to try to complete the fracture healing process. Also further surgical intervention to fixate the fracture ends may be needed. Hopefully Aaron Rodgers toe fracture is completely healed so he can finish the regular season and go into the playoff without worrying about his toe!

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