Dr. B’s trip to the Dominican Republic

Hi everybody! In January 2017 I will travel with a team of orthopedic surgeons to the Dominican Republic to treat patients that desperately foot and ankle surgical care.

I first traveled to the DR in 2005 on a medical mission trip as a college student. The rural parts of the country close the the Haitian border are very poor and do not receive access to regular health care. The hospitals are far away and the people living in the bateyes (the villages) do not have transportation to go to the doctor. When I went on this trip, I promised that one day after I became a doctor I would go back and help.

We have to bring all of our own surgical supplies, instruments, and even pay for the electricity we use while operating. We are raising money to buy as much medicine and supplies as needed. The more money we raise, the more patients we can help! Please anything you can spare will be appreciated. If you have any questions, call me or email me any time.

You can help us out by donating on my GoFundMe page:


Thank you for your kindness and generosity in advance.

Much Love, Dr. B

Clifton Ringwood