FOOT(ball) Sprain!

Sunday Football saw its fair share of injuries once again. One, in particular, was Chris Carson of the Seattle Seahawks. Carson left the game early with what was diagnosed as a midfoot sprain. What exactly is a midfoot sprain? The midfoot consists of many bones and ligaments. When the foot “twists” or “rolls”, the ligaments that connect the midfoot complex together can stretch and cause a sprain. If there is a high impact force, it can lead to a tear of the midfoot or lisfranc ligaments and cause a midfoot dislocation with possible fractures. This high impact injury is more intense in that it will require operative reduction and fixation with orthopedic hardware. In Chris Carson’s case, he had a low-grade sprain. If this sprain is not addressed with immobilization and aggressive physical therapy, it can lead to a dislocation, fracture, or arthritis over time. With this aggressive protocol, Chris Carson could potentially be back to play in 2-4 weeks. For fantasy football managers, keep an eye out for his backup Carlos Hyde to carry the load for the next few weeks!

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