How to Keep Your Feet Protected at the Beach

Getting ready to pack up your giant rolling cart and hit the beach for some tasty waves? Don’t forget the following tips to keep your feet safe!

Always put sunscreen on your feet and even your toes! Bob Marley passed away from a skin cancer on his big toe from sun exposure while playing soccer barefoot. Don’t let this happen to you. Also remember to reapply after dipping your feet in the ocean!

Try to wear your shoes on the sand until you reach your final destination. The sand is littered with tons of hazards that can poke the bottom of your feet such as glass, driftwood, or sharp shells. Additionally, the sand can be very hot! We do have patients in our office that have suffered burns on the bottom of their feet so be careful.

Try to wear water shoes if there is known coral in the ocean. You don’t have to worry too much about this at the Jersey shore, but if you are traveling to the Caribbean or Central America keep this in mind. The coral can get stuck in your foot and require surgical removal.

If you suffer a foot injury at the beach such as a cut, make sure to get it cleaned properly and checked out.

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