Ouch! My toe!

Ouch! My toe!Ever wake up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom, and on your way back half-asleep stub or hit your toe on your bed frame? Have you noticed the nail having a black and blue bruise? If so you may have a toe fracture or a nail bed injury. If the discoloration in your nail is > 25% it may be necessary to remove the nail to assess the underlying nail bed for injury or laceration. If the nail does not have any discoloration but the toe is painful and swollen you may have experienced a toe fracture. If you have pain or discoloration in your toe it is best to seek out a medical professional. A thorough assessment and x-ray will help your foot and ankle surgeon decide the best course of treatment for you. Toe fractures can be displaced or non-displaced. Non-displaced toe fractures can heal with splinting and offloading. Displaced fractures require more aggressive treatment. This can include an in-office procedure to reduce the fracture to a normal alignment. If the fracture is unable to be reduced in office, surgical fixation may be required.

If you experience any injuries to your toe or foot please contact Brucato Foot and Ankle Surgery for treatment!

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