Minimally Invasive Bunion Correction

Do you have a Bunion? Are you worried about a scar? Come to Brucato Foot and Ankle Surgery and ask about a minimally invasive surgical option today!

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3-D Bunion Correction

Have you had a Bunion surgery before? Has the Bunion returned? Call today to see if you are a candidate for a 3-D Bunion correction.

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Wound Care Clifton, NJ

Wound Care

Have an ulcer? Do not want to go to a wound care center in a hospital due to COVID-19? At Brucato Foot and Ankle Surgery, we offer all the latest and advanced wound care therapies. Call today for an appointment.

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Arthroscopic Ligament Repair Clifton, NJ

Arthroscopic Ligament Repair/Reconstruction

Do you have a history of ankle sprains? Have you tried bracing and padding? Do you have instability in your ankle? Come in today to see if you are a candidate for Ankle arthroscopy with minimally invasive ligament reconstruction!

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