When does a wound need specialized treatment?

  • If you have circulation problems
  • If you have diabetes
  • If you have a wound older than 2 weeks?

Getting the same treatment for the same wound with no improvement

  • Hard to heal wounds stuck in the inflammatory phase
  • This is due to something called a “biofilm” which is bacteria having a party on your wound and preventing healing

Benefits of treatment at Brucato Foot and Ankle Surgery

  • Access to the most advanced care, products and equipment available
  • Highly trained physicians who specialize in wound care and limb salvage
  • Attention to patient specific needs
  • We tailor each treatment to fit the patient
  • Decreased exposure to covid 19 vs wound care center

Therapies Available at Brucato Foot and Ankle Surgery

Skin Graft Application:

  • Bioengineered skin substitutes with living keratinoytes & fibroblasts
  • Amniotic Allograft skin substitutes

Compression Therapy:


Constant Patient Care including 30-Day Wound Evaluations:

We treat the entire patient not just the wound

  • Patient’s home situation
  • Smoking cessation
  • Diabetic education
  • Vascular tests & referrals as needed
  • Nutrition assessment

Success Stories

I was treated weekly for a wound on my left calf by Dr. Keval Parikh and his staff. I cannot thank them enough for the precise care and instruction they gave me to move to a healed state. Not only are they beyond knowledgeable regarding wound care but their caring is truly outstanding. I will be forever grateful.

– P.H.



Through my trial of diversity Dr. Parikh & staff have been professional, upbeat and friendly. Even fun to be around. The entire staff have treated me with dignity and respect. I feel lucky to have been treated by them.

– Lawrence



My diabetic ulcer on my right foot was completely healed after multiple treatments using skin grafts. I can finally walk pain free and don’t need bandages anymore. Thank you Dr. Keval Parikh!

– Josephine K.



Very clean, organized, excellent care provided, attention to detail ad excellent care. The office staff is very professional. I would recommend to everyone. Dr. Parikh really knows his stuff. – Otilia R.

Before / After

I have to come to know Dr. Brucato and her staff through a friend. Dr. Brucato was recommended very highly. I had an open wound that was being treated by another doctor for months without success. Dr. Brucato used a different approach that healed my wound in the first six weeks. I am so happy to say she is amazing!

– Mary

I could not have asked for a better podiatrist to take care of my treatment, recovery and care. Brucato’s office and staff is one of the best, concise, precise, knowledgeable and friendly doctor’s office I’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with. From Doctor Brucato herself, to Dr. Parikh, Carissa, Tamara, Diana, Elbris, John and Daisy, this group welcomes you with a cheerful disposition to make you feel comfortable and hopeful regardless of what you may be going through. Thank you all for helping me with my treatment.

– Diego

Exceptional & patient-specific wound care by a knowledgeable & personable physician(s) (Dr. Parikh) & Staff. Best faith in all care & treatment.

– Sean J.



From beginning to end I liked how I was taking care of my feet. Was terrible from the beginning. I like the improvement in the end.

– Larry P



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