Staying Active Amid COVID-19

During the current pandemic, we are being forced to maintain rules of social-distancing and isolating at home. Although most activities are being halted for the unforeseeable future, we are encouraging patients to still keep their physical activity up. Exercise can keep you healthy and prevent the problems of inactivity and sedentary living down the road. Here are some ways for you to keep your feet and ankles strong while quarantined at home.

1. Look up workouts to do only using your body weight such as sit-ups, squats, planks, pushups, and lunges. If you’re not the creative type, reach out to a personal trainer who can customize your workouts based on what at home equipment you have. We recommend personal trainer Chris Danzi (

2. Get your family and friends to exercise with your from a far. You could workout together on zoom or start a competition on apps such as the Apple Watch.

3. Check out youtube for online workout videos. Pick something that’s fun for you-hip hop dancing, kickboxing, hula-hooping, etc. We like the Les Mills Body Combat 28 day training program

4. Look into local fitness studios. A lot of places are doing live online classes especially yoga studios. Check out Tam Turse–she offers a variety of different live yoga classes on a daily basis

5. Going outdoors for at least 30 minutes a day is a healthy habit in itself! Pair it with exercising such as walking, biking, or running. If you are working from home, use outside activity for a nice way to break up the day. This will also give your eyes a break. (If you are experiencing any eye problems from staring at a screen all day, contact for a telehealth eye exam.

6. Discover old sports/hobbies. Break out your old field hockey stick or dust off your rollerblades. Maybe you never played KanJam while sober. Well now’s the time!

Keeping your feet and ankles moving will prevent a lot of problems down the road. If you sit too much your tendons and muscles get tight and your joints get stiff-so KEEP IT MOVING! Don’t forget we are open and still seeing patients daily. So if you have foot, ankle or leg pain don’t let it stop you from keeping healthy. Call us so we can get you back to doing the activities that are now more important than ever.

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