Summer feet tips

When hitting up the beach or recreation swimming areas this summer, we have some summer feet tips to keep your feet safe and healthy!

  • Wear sandals or flip flops while walking on the beach to avoid stepping on glass or broken sea shells.
  • If you have a cut on your foot, do not go swimming in the beach or lake. You could get a bacterial infection from normal bacteria that live in the water.
  • Try to keep your feet covered around pool decks and water parks–which are very common places to get contagious warts from! Water socks or aqua socks are a great option.
  • Don’t forget to put sun screen on your feet. Many times this area is overlooked when applying SPF. The skin on your feet is very delicate it-protect it!
  • Be careful of stepping on a jellyfish at the beach. Even if it appears dead, it can still sting you. A jelly fish sting can be very painful and cause swelling and sometimes even infection. If this happens, seek the attention of your foot and ankle surgeon right away.
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Clifton Ringwood