Summer is for the FunGi’s

As we rapidly approach the middle of summer, the temperature is increasing each day. As this is occurring you may find yourself sweating more, especially with your feet. This can bring upon an increase in foot fungus or odorous feet. As a rule of thumb you should wash your feet daily, thoroughly dry between your toes, and wear a clean, washed pair of socks daily. It is also important to use Lysol wipes or anti-bacterial spray inside your shoes to destroy any bacteria or fungal spores once a week. If you notice any itching or dry, scaling skin, you may have athletes foot/fungal skin reaction. This if left untreated can progress to a fungal reaction along your nails, legs, or thighs.

Helpful tips to decrease foot sweating:

  • Changing socks daily, try using wool socks that keep your feet cool and absorb moisture.
  • Foot anti-bacterial/anti-fungal powders
  • Stay hydrated, drink an adequate amount of water

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