Thank you to Dr. Parikh and his entire wonderful team for all of your patience and outstanding care in treating my son.

– S.R.

Dr Ates and the staff are the absolute best! The staff are very professional and kind. They always offer a warm welcome and get the job done in assisting you. Dr Ates was not only knowledgeable but always took the time to explain everything and address my questions.
All doctor offices should emulate this office. They are top-notch!!

– D. F.

From start to finish I have enjoyed my experience with Brucato Foot & Ankle Surgery. I came in after having Nail Fungus on my toes for over two decades.
I did five laser sessions and now after a little work a year my nails are back, clear and fungus free. I highly recommend Dr. Brucato to anyone that is battling Nail Fungus.

– Dalira F.

Once diagnosed with a stress fracture in my left foot I was well taken care of. Dr. Brunato was so clear with explanations and recommendations. I specially appreciated her assistant Rebecca’s care of my foot by wrapping it in soft cast and explanation of wearing boot and brace and always with a pleasant disposition.

– Margarita M.

I was having serious pain in my toes like electric shocks and it was very uncomfortable. I read about a new product called Quentza that was helping people with this pain. I must have called several doctors before I found Dr Brucato’s office who had this new medication. I signed up and had two treatments. The pain or electronic shocks I had before are nearly gone. If you have that tingling feeling in your toes try it and see for yourself. Note: After first treatments my feet felt very hot but it went away by the next day.

– Jeffrey P.

I highly recommend Brucato Foot and Ankle Surgery, I had a non-healing wound. The Dr immediately identified an underlying issue. He contacted someone who could help me with this. I feel the Dr. and his staf always went the extra mile.

After 2 months of assorted doctors and hospital visits I contacted Brucato Foot for help. They saw me on the day of my call and Dr. Parikh listened carefully to my story and explained in detail how he could help me treat my wound. It took 5 weeks of graft applications and today I was discharged. Unbelievable experience as Dr. Parikh carefully treated me. A few doctors I visited prior to coming to this office wanted to perform “two” surgeries to cover and treat my wound. I don’t believe you have surgeries until you exhaust all other non surgical options. Glad I came to see Dr. Parikh and his staff as they are all top notch professionals. Thank you for treating me “the patient” and not just the wound.
– PL

Prior to seeing Dr. Parikh for a diabetic wound on my big toe, I had been treated for almost 2 years by a wound care at my local hospital. In 5 short months, Dr. Parikh healed my wound. He is a wonderful doctor – friendly compassionate, willing to try new things, always explained things fully and took the time to answer questions. The entire staff is welcoming, friendly and very attentive. I would recommend Dr. Parikh and his entire staff to everyone.
– Lynn D.

Had a great experience with Brucato Foot and Ankle Surgery. They treated my wart on my foot with success! Everyone is so kind and patient and explains every step of the process so I knew exactly what was being done. Thanks to everyone on the staff who was so great!

– Brian W.

Dr. Mary Ellen Brucato is an amazing surgeon. I had toe fusion surgery and had absolutely NO PAIN following. Her staff is very warm and welcoming. I would highly recommend this Dr and Staff for all foot needs. Simply the Best.

– Renee C.

I came in with a torn nail and fractured toe. Dr. Brucato and her staff were incredible. John and Denise were especially personable. I was seen and taken care of fairly quickly. The quality of care was great! I would undoubtedly return for further foot care.

– Nathanael C.

Dear Dr. Bru & John…I want to thank you both, not only for the extraordinary gift of no constant foot pain…for awhile, but both of your compassionate care of a fellow human “in the dumps”. “Y’all” are the best at what you do , & I cannot thank you both enough!

– Michael H.

Oh my gosh. This is the most friendly and energetic people I have ever met, from the front desk to the end of the processI felt they really care about my ingrown toe nail. They were so informed about what needed to be done to get my toe nail problem fixed. I regret I didn’t come before to fix my problem. I’m happy with the results. Recommend them 10000% 🙂 <3 Thank you Brucato Team!

– E. A.

My overall experience with Dr. Parikh was great. Every step of the process and what to expect was discussed thoroughly with me. The staff overall is always pleasant and friendly. The surgery went smoothly and the recovery process was as expected. Thank you!

– Brittany WG.

From the moment we saw the doctor and staff, we were made to feel very comforted. The doctor was very reassuring from the beginning, and the healing process was short and successful. I would recommend Dr. Brucato to everyone.

– Martin V.

When I cam in I couldn’t walk due to unbearable foot pain. In 3 visits (with minimal effort on my part) everything was resolved. The doctor and the team and such positie, helpful attitudes and were awesome to work with! Thank you!

– Rachel H.

Awesome experience – very happy with the results of my surgery. Staff is very polite and accomadating. Dr. Brucato is warm, kind, and caring!

– Stacey F.

After a bad injury skateboarding I wasn’t sure what the best course o action was. So I quickly made a visit to see Dr. Brucato, who I’ve seen multiple time previous after MMA injuries. She gave me a detailed plan towards recovery and I went forward with a successful tendon repair surgery. Dr. Brucato did constant check-up with me even during my PT journey. I’m on a very successful path towards continuing my fitness and sports hobbies again. Thank you Dr!

– Kevin M.

I’ve had ulcerations on right ankle for last 10 plus years and never healed. I came to Dr. Parikh’s office and he and his staff have veen amazing and caring for my needs. I am fully healed and thankful I found this office.

– Roman R.

I am very pleased with Brucato Foot & Ankle Surgery. I had my right big toe amputated in Dec 2022 & by April 2023 it is healed. Everyone in the office has been wonderful & very caring and understanding. I would definitely recommend this group to others.

– Ellen L.

Dr. Brucato is number one. She is a very good doctor and surgeon. I would recommend her to others because she is a great surgeon, very friendly, and loving.

– Eloina S.

Came in with a toe that needed special attention. The staff and Dr. Parikh were excellent in treating me and my fears of amputation. It has been a very thorough and explained and done procedure. They all made me feel at ease.

– Diane M.

I suffered from bunions all my adult life – until finally, I reached out to Brucato foot and Ankle, where I found them to be friendly and professional. I’m so glad I found them. My surgery went well thanks to the whole staff. Brucato definitely put the pep back in my step. Highly recommend!
– Bonnie R.

I’ve had such a great time being at this location! The team is always positive, friendly, and welcoming. When I walked into this office had really bad nail fungus on both of my big toes. The podiatrist I saw before Dr. Parikh told me my nails would never grow back and that I need to take a pill, but I never did! I came to Dr. Parikh where he was so positive and reassuring. He did laser treatment and within weeks there was a huge difference. I now have the healthiest nails and love my toes. I’m so grateful for Dr. Parikh and his staff.

– Leslie R.

Saw Dr. Brucato for Lapiplasty to repair bunions on both feet – One year later I am back to hiking, running, and cycling with far less pain and discomfort. Dr. Brucato and her staff are friendly, helpful, and ade the process as painless as possible. Would definitely recommend!

– Jessica Farrell

On 12/05/22, My mother has one of the best experiences she has gone through surgeries in the past (non-relate), and everyone at the office and at the hospital treated her with so much care. I would recommend any of the doctors at the Brucato Foot & Ankle Surgery. Doctor Parikh was excellent and did an amazing job with her foot.

– Maria Rodriguez

On 12/02/22, Doctor Parikh is always professional and caring. I continue to use the are heel and balance board. My healing is complete. I thank Dr. Parikh and Brucato Foot and Ankle Surgery for their care.

– Kevin F. McCoy

On 9/13/22, I accidentally cut part of my big toe off with a lawn mower. This was my very first HUGE injury and Dr. Parikh made my experience wonderful. From the moment, I met Dr. Parikh in the hospital to the time where her took mu stitches out, he has been pleasant and careful and super reassuring of my recovery. Even now with the post-op appointments. I am able to move my toe and walk with ease. He and his staff are AMAZING! 10/10 would recommend.

– Erica Mason-Capalla

I have been a patient of Dr Brucato for a number of years and she has helped correct the issue with my feet. She is attentive and very caring. The orthotics she recommended were the best solution to keep my feet feeling great!

– Karen Roche

Dr. Parikh is truly the best. I’ve been a patient of C=Brucato Foot & Ankle Surgery for years and came in after a traumatic injury to both feet. I am also prone to ingrown toenails on both feet and every time I visit, he makes sure it is a painless experience. I just had my follow-up in July 20222 and both feet are finally fully healed. Thank you, Dr. Parikh & team. It’s well worth flying in from Florida to see you.

– Robert Bodnar

Upon meeting Dr. Brucato I felt comfortable about my treatment plan. She was very thorough and explained all of my options. Booking surgery was a breeze and the appointment setting was convenient and stress-free. I’m so happy my procedure was successful and able to return to work quickly as promised. Thank you Dr. Brucato and the team for a pleasant experience.

– Kimberly Carey

My experience at Brucato was great!

Dr. Parikh was amazing, he took his time with me and made sure everything was okay. I used to have the worse on my ankle, and after some visit I finally have no pain! I’m able to walk better and do the things I couldn’t do before. I’m happy with how everything turned out!

– Jenny



Was a great experience, I had a surgery on right ankle and was so wonderful, Dr. & Staff so considerate and helpful. My ankle is wonderful. Thank you all!!

– TA

The office visits are with Dr. Parikh at the Ringwood Office. No wait time to see him. Entire staff is very welcoming. John who is an assistant there is a people person, friendly and caring and an asset to the office. Dr. Parikh has a calming personality showing his compassion, tenderness, very attentive & caring. Listens to you, checks you, and advises his finding & explains to you in layman terms which is very rewarding to me. I left the office confident and would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you!

I have never been happier to meet Dr. Parikh. He helped my pain level go down and did a great job fixing me. I would recommend him to everyone.

– Rona D.

It was a very positive experience! Excellent, professional workers all around. Would highly recommend to every one. Great Job!

– Ximena A.S.

From the very first time I called to make an appointment I experienced that the staff was very professional. From the receptionist, to the Doctor, to the cleanliness and great environment of the office, I am 100% satisfied with Brucato Foot & Ankle Surgery. Doctor Parikh is so professional, knowledgeable, and caring. He explained the procedure he was performing in a way I could understand. Very happy!

– G. Garcia

What an amazing experience! Dr. Parikh is such a great doctor! Highly professional and very informative! Very honest, thorough, genuine, and knowledgeable. John is also the greatest assistant of all times. Highly recommended.

– Tanya

Awesome experience throughout both procedures. Staff are amazing through and through. My recommendations will be 100% for others to have their foot and ankle issues check out with you guys. Again thanks to you on helping me with a fresh pair of feet!

– Moody

I have has a very positive experience with the medical group. Everyone has been very cordial and helpful to me. The care I have received is excellent and they go out of their way to see to all of my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice.
– Victoria E.

Beyond happy with Dr. Parikh & his team. I was afraid of undergoing ankle surgery. Dr. Parikh made the whole process easy. Thank you!!!
– Christina M.

Exceptional & patient-specific wound care by a knowledgeable & personable physician(s) (Dr. Parikh) & Staff. Best faith in all care & treatment.
– Sean J.

After four different Doctors, Dr. Brucato is the only one that helped me. The girls in the office are very nice. The office is clean and to make appointments they always work around you. Dr. Brucato is great.
– Connie F.

Very happy to have found Dr. Brucato. I was suffering from foot pain from a stress fracture. She was professional and caring it was like talking to a friend. Highly Recommended.

– Erin P.

I’ve rarely had such a smooth experience at a doctor’s office. The entire staff worked like a well-oiled machine, used a lot of technology to diagnose & they gave me a huge amount of info to change my habits when it comes to foot care. I absolutely recommend paying them a visit!

– Steve T.

In May of 2019, I went to the emergency room at Hackensack Hospital after losing two and a half toes in an accident. Dr. Brucato did surgery to repair my foot and was with me all the way through recovery. I can now walk, run, and do all the activities. I did it before the accident. Dr. Brucato and her excellent staff were incredible during the entire time.

– James L.

My experience with Brucato Foot and Ankle surgery was the best care I could have asked for when my injury happened in March I went to two doctors before Brucato Foot and Ankle. When we went to Dr. Brucato she gave me an answer immediately and gave me the best care possible.

– Emma C.

I was having pain in my right foot when walking and Dr. Brucato was able to identify the problem as well as help find a remedy. I ordered orthotics and have been using them and I feel so much better. No pain when walking, which is incredible considering how much walking I do daily. Everyone at Brucato Foot & Ankle Surgery was so helpful & friendly & I had a great experience THANK YOU!

– Joelle F.

I play soccer so I came with an ingrown toenail. It was very painful. Dr. Brucato took a look at my toe, numbed it (pinched a little, but did not hurt) then took the piece of toenail out. I was good as new and I played a full soccer game that same day! Dr. Brucato is the BEST! We followed her to Clifton and will continue to do so!

– Natalie W.

Came in with very serious heel pain and after the first visit, I was feeling better! The inserts and physical therapy helped tremendously. Honestly have not worn the inserts as often as needed but once. I stopped feeling pain, I knew that everything helped. Orthodics are so comfortable and everyone was so kind and helpful.

– Denisha C.

I came in with very tight pain in both ankles. I would have trouble walking & running. Dr. Brucato was very thorough in determining the cause of my pain. After receiving my orthotics it was like night and day the relief I felt.

– Patrick C.

This is the best doctor I have ever seen. She is so thorough in her exam. No other doctor took the time to do any tests on me ever for my feet. She did the x-rays on my toes and an ultrasound on my heels. Then she made me orthotics. The staff along with Dr. Brucato are wonderful. You won’t be disappointed here.

– Emily D.

Brucato Foot and Ankle Surgery provided a great service from beginning to end. The receptionist was wonderful and was able to get me in quickly. The doctor and staff were attentive and answered all my questions. The procedure and follow-up were professional and I felt comfortable the entire time.

– Amy G.

I came here after an ER diagnosis of a fractured bone in my foot. I was able to get an appointment right away for which I was grateful. Dr. Brucato did a thorough exam and explained everything clearly to me – including treatment options. The entire staff is always friendly and helpful. It has truly been a pleasure receiving care here!

– Deborah O.

Dr. Brucato and her amazing staff went above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome! This is the one doctor’s office that I actually enjoy coming to!!

– Marty C.

I had really severe foot pain from Plantar Fascitis. Which I had for multiple years. Dr. Brucato helped a lot and I received therapy and orthotics and cortisone injections, none of which worked. Finally, it was decided to perform surgery on both feet. Dr. Brucato performed both surgeries and she did an amazing job. Now both of my feet feel 100% better.
– Eric C.

I came to Brucato Office because I needed to find an immediate podiatrist who can help me with my foot pain and accommodate me with my late work hours. This office has great hours! Thank you. Doctor was very friendly and helpful. She didn’t say a word about that funky smell after taking off my socks. She and her staff are very welcoming and explain each step of treatment without making me feel less. And when I needed further treatment they did not look away. My feet are good as new.

– Juan A.

I’m so thankful to have found Brucato Foot & Ankle! Dr. Brucato & his staff were able to help my plantar fascitis with the most conservative methods possible, which I really expected. The office is super friendly and I always feel comfortable when I’m there. I would recommend Brucato Foot & Ankle to anyone experiencing foot or ankle problems.

– Frocine G.

My experience was very positive I felt relaxed with Dr. Brucato and would recommend to friends & family. My feet already look and feel better. The staff make me feel comfortable and took all the safety precautions because of COVID-19.

– Sofia F.

After suffering from a bunion for several years and visiting other Foot and Ankle Specialists with no success, Dr. Brucato suggested surgery to insert plates to correct my bunion. I am now healed with no bunion and no pain! Excellent doctor and staff who were both caring and efficient even though the week of the pandemic! Highly Recommend!

– Barbara B.

The experience I had with Brucato Foot and Ankle Surgery was great. They tended to my removed toenail better than I ever imagined. I was surprised at how fast it heals. That’s all thanks to them of course for telling me hot to care for the wound.

– Michael P.

Since day one, Dr. Brucato and staff have made me feel comfortable & welcomed. More importantly, 2 months post-op and this guy is back & BETTER than ever! It has been such a pleasure to have been treated by this office. 10/10 experience!

– Ryan R.

My friend Jen recommended Dr. Brucato & it was a perfect fit. She is easy going, knowledgeable, and very talented in her field of foot and ankle. She exceptionally took care of an ulcer on my foot that I obtained from a burn and taught me a few things about my feet. It’s a family-like community among the staff who teach each other daily and I had the opportunity of watching them learn on me, considering I was there every week for 9 weeks driving Tamara bonkers on what color cast I wanted! Being a teacher myself, it was an awesome experience. I will continue therapy with Dr. B on a weekly basis for my neuropathy, and continue to watch this team learn and grow in this specialized field.

– Joanna D.

After about 6 months of nagging foot pain, I decided to visit Dr. Brucato’s office in Clifton, NJ. Walked into a clean reception area with friendly staff and waited about 3-4 minutes before being taken into the exam room. Dr. Brucato came in just a few minutes after my paperwork was done. She was very thorough, high smile and really relaxing to be examed by. After a couple of x-rays, I received cortisone shots & my foot was bandaged. A week later I’m back for my follow-up still pain-free!
– Janet A.

I have been extremely satisfied with the services that I’ve received from Dr. Brucato and the staff.

I was experiencing pain and discomfort in my feet to the point that I could not take my daily walks. After receiving treatments and therapy. I can resume my walks without discomfort. The staff was helpful, professional, courteous, and accommodating. I am grateful for their services and definitely recommend them.

– Samia S.

Had a great experience. Would recommend it to anyone! Great staff that is super friendly.

– John S.

When I first came I was in a lot of pain. Every time I came it got better little by little and today it is all better except for a little pain after sitting and then standing up. Thank you so much I really appreciate all the work you have done to help me.

– Teresa S.

Meeting Dr. Brucato at the 2019 NJEA Convention was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I participate in the annual Boardwalk Run and the idea of a complimentary foot massage was right on time. During my massage and consult I was able to discuss long-term foot issues which I was able to follow up and eventually have corrected through the most seamless foo surgery. I’ve recovered in a matter of weeks and ready t hit the boardwalk again. Thanks to Dr. Brucato & her amazing, caring, staff.
– Amy A.

It has been a good experience with Dr. Parikh and his entire staff they were welcoming and kind. I would recommend them to anyone.

– Harriet R.

I have never had greater care and kindness from a Doctor and his assistant. They made me feel like I was part of their family.

Thank you, thank you.

– Anonymous 10/29/20

Before visiting, I had a lot of trouble walking and wasn’t sure what the problem was. Then once I came to see Dr. Parikh, he identified the problem immediately and gave me inserts to help me walk better. After following his directions, I was able to walk better than I have in a long time and get breakfast with my family.

LG 10/08/20

Dear Dr. Brucato,

This is so late in coming but wanted to thank you so much for the care you gave to me when I injured my heel in June. If you recall, I came in and could hardly walk as I could put no pressure on my foot and was in a panic as my daughter was getting married 16 days later. You were very calm as you examined and did both an ultrasound and an x-ray. While the heel was not broken it was badly bruised. You immobilized the foot in a soft cast and said to keep off the foot and come back in 5 days. When I returned you next put me in a boot with good advice to keep off it! I next saw you the day before I was leaving for Chicago for the wedding. The foot was tremendously better and could bear weight by then. You gave me a smaller brace and told me to wear it faithfully throughout the day. Sure enough, I could fit my foot with the brace into my shoes and was in no pain. The wedding was a huge success and I was in no pain and actually dancing. Your aggressive, but non-invasive, non-RX treatment made it possible for me to enjoy the wedding and even dance. I will be forever grateful!! Thank you so much!


Speaking as the wife of a patient, I can truthfully say that Dr. MaryEllen Brucato saved my husbands life. I brought him into the emergency room of Hackensack Medical Center because he could mildly be described as ‘not himself’, not totally aware of where he was or why. To make a long story short, he had an infected toe (a complication of his diabetes) which he had been treating himself. He was septic, the toe necrotic, and it needed to come off immediately. Dr. Brucato was the podiatrist on call and thank God she was. Thanks to her skill she removed the toe and all the gangrenous tissue involved. Because she was able to remove the infected area, she saved him from spending an additional 6 weeks on IV antibiotics at home after his week-long admission. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Ken and I are eternally grateful for Dr. Brucato!

Our experience at NJ foot and ankle center can only be described as a pleasure. The staff is very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable and professional. We plan to continue to receive our future foot and ankle needs at the NJ Foot and Ankle Center.

– Gail D.

“I became a patient of Dr. Brucato after taking a fall off a ladder, I ended up fracturing my ankle and had to have surgery to have two pins put in. Dr. Brucato is beyond amazing, besides being informative and professional, she has the most wonderful bedside manner and personality. I also can’t say enough about the practice as a whole. The entire staff is fantastic. They are really personable, timely, and all-around a pleasure to deal with. I can’t say enough about my experience at the NJ Foot and Ankle Center, They are a top-notch practice!”

– Glen Fernandez 3/12/2016

“I have been a patient of Dr. Brucato for several years. I had a few minor foot issues which were successfully treated. I then began having trouble with my Achilles tendon last summer. She tried many different treatments but finally suggested surgery to repair the tendon as a treatment plan. I had the surgery in January of 2016 and have been recovering since then. I am an elementary school teacher on my feet a lot so it was important to heal properly to get back on my feet. I am happy to report my foot feels great 12 weeks after surgery. Dr. Brucato and staff were with me every step of my recovery. She took the time to listen and answer all my questions all from pre-surgery to my recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Brucato with any type of foot issue! Thanks!!!”

– Mary Bigley 3/9/2016

“When I first visited Dr. Brucato’s office, I was walking tenderly on my left foot with my nail on my second toe causing more pain than I thought possible. It was impeding my Zumba and strength training and sensitivity beyond belief. After one quick visit, Dr. Brucato, whose bedside manner was as impressive as her technical prowess, numbed me without much pain, explained the procedure, and cured me. The toe looks great and I am healed! Fantastic service and professional attitude in this office.”

– C.P. 2015

“I cannot even explain how grateful I am to Dr. Brucato for helping me get back on my feet! Before having bunion surgery, I was very unhappy because I could not easily do my everyday activities. I was in a lot of pain and I did not think I could fix my problem easily. Luckily, I was able to put myself in great hands here at NJ Foot and Ankle Center! Now, I am much happier and honestly amazed because it feels and looks as if I never struggled with bunions!”

– Kelly Garcia 7/2/2015

“If I may quote Charles Dickens – ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’. Initially, I suffered the worst of times, literally, in my entire life. I got a bad infection in my left foot and had to have my great toe amputated. This was of course, personally quite devastating, and yet, It was my great good fortune to have Dr. Mary Ellen Brucato as my podiatrist. At every step over a months-long process, she treated me with utmost professional competence, thoughtfulness, and unfeigned compassion. Today I will be walking normally out of the clinic, having ‘graduated’ in Dr. Brucato’s words. I am eternally and profoundly grateful to Dr. Brucato”

– George Singiovanni 04/02/2015

“I was very nervous when I first came in. I had been sliding on a wood floor in my socks and I got a huge splinter caught in my foot. I had to have E.R. surgery to have it removed. Dr. Brucato was awesome! She made me feel better. She was very kind. Thank You!”

– Max Scalera 1/9/2016

From my initial appointment to two months into Post-OP, I’ve had a great experience with the team at Brucato Foot and Ankle Surgery; Especially Dr. Parikh’s listening skills and patient answering of all my questions. I would definitely recommend.

– Lerone B.

Everyone here at Brucato, in both offices were all very helpful, respectful, kind, and very caring. Even with their masks on, you can see a big smile on their faces. They made me feel very comfortable each time I visited the office.

– Nebi Ademi

I’ve been going to Dr. Brucanto for plantars fascitis. Dr. Brucato & John have been very patient with me in getting my orthodics maided to the correct molded to the correct fit. Their expertise and professionalism made it possible for me to be pain free.
You guys are the BEST. I highly recommend this practice.

– Debbie D.