The “LeBron James of Feet” Brings LeBron Back

LeBron James returned to the court on Sunday after a tendon injury to his right foot leaving him sidelined for the last thirteen games. Unfortunately, the LA Lakers three game winning streak came to an end with a defeat to the Chicago Bulls. James however, still finished the game with 19 points, eight rebounds and three assists in 29 minutes.

It was announced less than an hour before game time that James would be playing after being out for the past 13 games. James states that his injury was a torn tendon and was going to require more than four weeks to heal, which would have left him out of the season. Multiple doctors recommended season-ending surgery, but James sought another opinion from the “LeBron James of feet” and was able to return to the court on Sunday. We have yet to find out which tendon was injured, what do you think?

Clifton Ringwood