Top 5 Recommended Foot & Ankle Products from Amazon

1. Physix compression socks are comfortable and sporty looking. They are great for anyone with varicose veins or chronic swelling. I always recommend these for pregnant women to wear during labor and avoid the horrible “concrete brick” feet that occurs from all the IV fluids.

2. These Silipos toe sleeves are great to prevent rubbing in shoes. These are very helpful for patients who wear narrow dress shoes or high heels and have hammertoes that rub. I like to call these “toe sweaters”. This model is also antibacterial which is always a great feature when it comes to foot products.

3. Do you suffer from toe nail fungus? The Dr’s Remedy brand has a line of helpful products for this problem, including anti-fungal toenail polish. This nail polish is always recommended because fungal spores can actually live inside toenail polish bottles! Ew! They also have an antifungal cuticle oil so if your nails are white, dry or flaky–this has been a lifesaver to many of my patients.

4. This next product is actually MADE for a condition called plantarfasciitis (most common cause of heel pain). We dispense a lot of these Aircast Airheels in my office. Usually your insurance will cover this (if you’re not sure call our office and we can check and mail it to you). If you or someone you know does not have insurance right now and you are suffering from severe heel pain, try one of these out. They support the plantarfascia and take pressure off the heel–usually providing immediate relief.

5. I recommend this Futuro ankle brace to provide mild support for patients who suffered from a mild ankle sprain or a severe one that is still healing. They provide compression so they help with swelling and are also machine washable.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please contact me any time. Stay tuned when I release some more highly rated products from your favorite foot and ankle surgeon….me!

Clifton Ringwood