When will Dak be Back?

Dax Courtesy of LA Times

Courtesy of LA Times

This past Sunday, Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys suffered a gruesome right ankle compound fracture that required emergent surgical open reduction with internal fixation. The surgical treatment was to realign the broken bones and fixate them with screws and plates to then allow for healing. The “golden period” for surgery is within 6 hours of the injury to decrease the chance of swelling. After this type of surgery, the patient is usually non-weight bearing and immobilized for 6-8 weeks. After 6-8 weeks from surgery, based on radiologic review, the patient may be able to bear weight with a supportive CAM boot. Return to normal function and activities of daily life, barring any setbacks, is approximately 4 months after surgical fixation. Some common long-term complications associated with ankle fractures include stiffness, post-traumatic arthritis, and chronic pain with weight-bearing. Dak will have a rigorous rehabilitation process ahead of him to condition his ankle back to a competitive level. We here at Brucato Foot and Ankle Surgery wish Dak Prescott a speedy recovery!

Clifton Ringwood