Winter feet tips

The cold weather months can be a trying time for anyone’s feet-especially diabetics. Here are some tips to keep your feet healthy and to avoid any diabetic foot complications:

Moisturize your feet daily with a good lotion such as Gold Bond’s Diabetic Foot cream, Eucerin, or Lubriderm (just to name a few!). Vaseline jelly does not give any extra moisture so that won’t do. The winter months bring drier air which sucks out the moisture in the soles of the feet so be proactive!

Serious injuries can occur from ice related falls. Avoid walking on icy walkways and driveways. Keep the areas well lit so you can easily identify dangerous ice patches. Carry some kosher salt to sprinkle before you step. Also wear a boot with a traction sole to prevent falls.

Keep your feet warm with socks and winter boots when braving the snow or colder temps. Diabetics may not feel temperature changes which put them at a risk for frostbite when combined with severe cold exposure.

Avoid any heaters by your feet! This includes space heaters, floor heaters in the car, and yes, the oven. Just like with the extreme cold, you may not feel extreme hot and this can cause severe burns.

As always, check your feet every day. Look for any red spots, cuts, abrasions, open sores, or rashes. If you find anything abnormal, call your local podiatrist ASAP. Do not try to treat anything at home.

Have a great winter!

Clifton Ringwood